GreenGo Wireless basestation with 4 way kit

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The Green-GO InterfaceX links 2-wire or 4-wire analog intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network. This audio in/out interface with contact closures connects to an existing matrix or other analog interfacing products. A 4-wire intercom can be connected to the dual in/out 3-pin XLR ports. This allows two separate audio signals (or a stereo signal) to be injected into the Green-GO network and transmitted to any other location on the same Ethernet network. Next to the 4-wire connections, there is a separate 3-pin XLR port dedicated to connecting a basic analog 2-wire intercom (partyline system). All of the ports can be configured individually through the setup menu of the Green-GO InterfaceX. There are also two GPIO connectors provided on the back of the device.

Dimensions: 44 x 483 x 165 mm
Weight: 2.41 kg
Connectors: 2 x XLR3M, 3 x XLR3F, 2 x RJ45 etherCON (10/100 Mbps), 2 x D-Sub 9 GPIO, 1 x 12 V DC barrel

Kit includes:
4x Beyer DT280 Single Muff Headset
8x GreenGo Beltpack Batteries
2x GreenGo Wireless Antenna
4x GreenGo Wireless Beltpack
2x Cat5e Cable (10m)
1x Cat5e Cable (2m)
1x GreenGo Analogue Interface 2×4 wire 1×2 wire
1 GreenGo Rackmount Battery Charger 19”
1x D-Link DGS-1210-24P 24 Gigabit Smart Switch w/12 POE Port
1x USB A > USB Mini-B
1x Mic Twining Bar with 2x lock nut