Martin Audio W8LM Line Array

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The Martin Audio W8LM is a mini line array enclosure designed to bring line array performance benefits to a variety of small and medium scale applications. It meets the need for a versatile, scalable system that can be flown or ground stacked for corporate events, theatres and indoor venues. It is also suitable as a delay system for large scale outdoor sound reinforcement.

Inputs: 2x NL4 (input/link)
Power handling: LF + MF: 400/1600W, HF 75/300W
Nominal impedance: LF+MF: 12Ω/ HF: 12Ω/ FR: 12Ω
Dispersion angle: 100° horizontal (down to 800Hz) x 7.5° vertical/120° horizontal (down to 700Hz) @ -10dB (8LM)

DIMENSIONS (W) 620mm x (H) 243mm x (D) 400mm

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