Martin Audio Wavefront W8C

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The award-winning Wavefront W8C is lightweight and compact. It can be rigged quickly to deliver outstanding power and performance in smaller configurations than was previously possible with other loudspeakers.
Audience experience is enhanced by true musicality, warmth and intelligibility – even at high SPL’s

Inputs: 2x NL8 (input/link)
Power handling: LF+MF 300/1200 W, HM+HF 150/600W, HF 60/240W
Nominal impedance: LF: 8Ω/ High-mid/(High mid+HF): 16Ω/ HF: 16Ω
Dispersion angle: 55° horizontal x 30° vertical
Components: 12” low-mid horn, 6.5” high-mid horn, 1” exit HF compression driver, 750Hz active, 3.5kHz active/passive crossover

DIMENSIONS (W) 556mm x (H) 799mm x (D) 911mm

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