Panasonic TH55LF6, 55″, LED, With Speakers

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The IPS panel provides the wide viewing angle and 700-cd/m2 brightness required for signage and other professional applications. Images are beautifully displayed even in large, brightly lit spaces such as train stations and airports. Information is clearly transmitted with highly detailed Full-HD quality, so the signage content is easy to understand.
The highly durable panel can be operated continuously for 24/7. It makes the display panel suitable for use all day and night in places such as restaurants and transportation facilities.
The display can be installed either horizontally or vertically to match the content and installation location without being affected by “Mura” (unevenness). This is because the display has relatively uniform pressure distribution as compared to a TV panel, which results in far better stability. Regardless of the installation direction, the lamp life stays the same since a constant operating temperature is maintained
The slim display, only 68 mm (2.7″) in depth, and a narrow bezel of about 16 mm (0.7″) achieve a stylish design, light weight, and thin profile.
The speaker is built into the rear of the display. There is no need for external speakers when using content that has a soundtrack
Various input terminals meet the needs for signage use. And versatile input signal compatibility enables use as a conference monitor.

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